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What does an invalid ImPACT Baseline Test mean?

ImPACT Baseline Test automatically scans results for invalidity. An invalid ImPACT Baseline Test may be caused by a number of reasons:

  • Failure to properly read directions;
  • Attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity (ADD or ADHD) or other neurological disorders;
  • Excessive fatigue (e.g. completion of testing after vigorous exercise);
  • Left-right confusion in one of the test modules;
  • “Sandbagging” or poor performance to attempt to set a low baseline standard;
  • Attempt to perform better by taking a slower and more deliberate approach to the test;
  • Attempt to increase the speed without regard for performance accuracy.
Please allow 48 hours before taking an ImPACT Baseline Test again. You can use the same link you have received in your purchase confirmation email for another attempt.
Updated on 01/28/2019

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