• Can healthcare providers review clinical reports from ImPACT Passport app?

    No, a provider can only view results from the ImPACT Applications Customer Center. The ImPACT Passport app allows test takers to record their ImPACT Passport ID, but the provider would always log into the Customer Center to input the ImPACT Passport ID to view clinical report data.

  • How do I add another person as a System Administrator?

    To be able to add you or another person within your organization as a System Administrator on your Customer Center, ImPACT Applications needs a document with your organizations’ letterhead with the following information:  Name of the person you would like to add;  What power they should have (System Administration); What email…

  • Why is there no defined normal for RCI?

    The RCI or Reliable Change Index is a measure of the change necessary to be considered statistically (and in most cases clinically) significant and not variation that is simply random. The assumption is that some variation is a naturally occurring and frequent phenomenon. When a score is “statistically” different than…

  • Why is baseline testing annual?

    Per current CDC Recommendation: “If baseline testing is used, research suggests that most components of baseline testing be repeated annually to establish a valid test result for comparison. Baseline computerized or paper-pencil neuropsychological tests may be repeated every 2 years. However, more frequent neuropsychological testing may be needed if an athlete…

  • Why Red/Green were chosen for tests?

    We consulted with a behavioral optometrist regarding the usage of red-green. It was his opinion that because the colors were not juxtaposed, the detection should not be a problem. Further, the color change should be apparent regardless of color-blindness.

  • Is Baseline++ a passing score?

    “Baseline++” is what we refer to as an invalid test. Some common reasons a test taker may receive an invalid test include not understanding the instructions, not taking the test in their native language, or not giving their full effort.

  • How often do I have to administer ImPACT after a concussion?

    As with most care decisions surrounding a concussion, it depends on a number of factors. The decision about how frequently a healthcare provider assesses a patient after an injury is related to a number of factors including severity of the initial injury, reported symptoms and observed signs, performance in non-cognitive…

  • How long do I have to complete my courses?

    Concussion management is a constantly evolving field. While you don’t have a specific time requirement to finish your courses, we strongly recommend that you complete them within 90 days of initial access, since we may update the content as new material and evidence becomes available. Individuals working through theCredentialed ImPACT…

  • Why is there not a credential program for Speech-Language Pathologists?

    We certainly agree that Speech-Language Pathologists are an important part of a multi-disciplinary concussion management team. Their scope of practice is well suited to managing post-injury concussion rehabilitation. However, scopes of work may vary drastically for Speech-Language Pathologists so, at this time, there is not a specific program for them….